Empirematics Silver Tournament

Strong Player Tier for 1v1 Elo > 1600 and < 1900

The brackets will be played as bo3 until Ro16. Ro16 and Ro8 are played as bo5. The Semifinals, the small final (for placement #3) and the Grand Final will be played as bo7.
The tournament is a single elimination tournament.
The tournament will be organized on empirematics.com. The bracket spots for the first rounds will be placed by a random generator. First Map is Arabia, then the Loser Home Map is played. The player mentioned first ("player on the left side") will pick homemap first and host the draft. If more homemaps are picked the order is ABBA(AB). Draft Bo3: https://aoe2cm.net/preset/BbcQZ
Bo5 Preset: https://aoe2cm.net/preset/VhooY


ELO Requirements

1600 - 1900 ELO in 1v1 Random Map Games - Highest ELO counts.

Everyone is invited to the tournament there is no limit on participants. Correspondingly, the rounds to be played depends on the amount of participants. For the participation, a functioning account on empirematics.com as well as following us on twitch is required.


  • Registration opens: 12th of July
  • Registration closes: 11th of August
  • Seeding Live Stream on Twitch: 12th of August.
  • 1st Round: 13 th of August
  • Number of Rounds depends on number of registrations


The Tournament will start on 13.08.2021 - The exact bracket schedule will be determined on the 12th of august depending on the number of registrations. All Game Play Dates & also Casting Dates will be published on empirematics.com

All dates should be fulfilled if possible. The next rounds will be played on next weeks Friday - Sunday evening so we can stream them live.

Round 1: 13.8. - 21.08.
Round 2: 22.08. - 27.08.
Round 3: 28.08. - 03.09.
Probably Final Round: 03.09. - 11.09. - Grand Final 11.09. - 9pm GMT+2

For the convenience of the players, all players will get a date proposal by Empirematics. They can reschedule their matches by using Empirematic's official Discord. The rescheduled matches have always to be played till the next Saturday 23:59 GMT+1 and entered via the User Account of both players to apply.

The price money will increase depending on the amount of subscriptions and donations.

HF everybody

Payout Requirements

Requirements for a payout:

  • All required games must have been played within the respective timeline
  • Results must be posted by the winner in the Empirematics User Area (after Login). All recorded games and drafts must have appropriately shared in a private message in discord.
  • The winners must send a complete invoice to a tournament administrator before 30th of September The invoice must include the name and the paypal address of the recipient. For more assistance, contact Empirematics
  • The prize pool will increase depending on the amounts of donations and subscriptions.
  • Civilizations & Drafting

    All civilizations are allowed.

    Before drafting the Home Map(s) must be specified.

    Bo3: 1 HomeMap each
    Bo5: 2 HomeMaps each
    Bo7: 3 HomeMaps each
    Each map can only be picked once. A Preset Draft for BO3 can be found here: https://aoe2cm.net/preset/BbcQZ
    Bo5 Preset: https://aoe2cm.net/preset/VhooY


    The brackets will be played in bo3 until Ro16. Round of 16 and Round of 8 (quarterfinals) are played as bo5. The Semi-Finals, the small final and the Grand Final will be played as bo7.
    The tournament is a single elimination tournament.
    The tournament will be organized on empirematics.com. The bracket spots will be placed by chance.

    Restarts & Punishment for smurfing

    Every party is allowed to have 1 restart per round within the first 3 minutes of the game.

    If someone is smurfing in order to play in a lower bracket, he will not receive the price money and will be banned from future events for a year.

    Special Rules

    • Players are permitted to do anything that the game allows, including, but not limited to, walling in resources, blocking or killing villagers and killing enemy herdable or wild animals. The only exception is that villager fights are not allowed on Nomad maps until the own tc is up.
    • Drop Case: In case of drop, the administration will seek to resume the game or restart it. If the administration considers the existence of an irremovable difference in favor of a player, the game will be given to him as won.
    • Streaming & Lobby Settings

      No one is allowed to enter the Lobby besides Empirematics admins & directly appointed people by Empirematics. Please check on Discord to be safe. spectators are allowed. Players are allowed to stream their games and are advised to include a delay on their twitch. When Empirematics streams the game, all other Casters are also allowed to stream it.

      Game Settings

      Players should agree on which server the game should be played on. If no agreement is reached, the server will be determined by an administrator.

      Map Settings

      • DATA MOD: Default
      • GAME MODE: Random Map
      • MAPS STYLE: Custom
      • LOCATION: tbd
      • MAP SIZE (1v1): 2 player
      • AI DIFFICULTY: Standard
      • RESOURCES: Standard
      • POPULATION: 200
      • GAME SPEED: Normal
      • REVEAL MAP: Normal
      • STARTING AGE: Standard
      • ENDING AGE: Standard
      • TREATY LENGTH: None
      • VICTORY: Conquest

      Streaming Requirements

      All games will be broadcasted live (if possible) besides that, recasts of replayed are allowed as well. Everyone can stream our event. Requested requirements are: 1. Include the legend „Empirematics: Champions Cup“ in the title of the stream 2. Include the Empirematics logo on screen between games 3. Include the following command in the Chat: !Empirematics www.Empirematics.com 4. In order to apply to the Caster Price (1x 75 USD, 1x 50 USD, 1x 25 USD) voting, you have to register an account on Empirematics.com and check the regarding checkbox.

      HF everybody

      Map Pool

Registered Players

  • Strider
  • NewOcean
  • Ruchit
  • oSetinhas
  • Floripa
  • Percevalala
  • Mjoelnir
  • IRM | leeage
  • Aristocats
  • TheShadowofDeath
  • streetpete
  • PL_Hitorek
  • BlocApe
  • ebbu
  • Tor
  • RoR | Rxndy
  • JMurphy
  • klnek
  • Phoenix
  • MacesB
  • Austin Towers
  • Rex Caedis
  • Noszombie
  • Kiwi
  • DT_hero
  • sonicFOX
  • rainmanzd
  • Tatengue_
  • [XEVER] MorningStar_Lucif3r
  • [LGe]AsMelodiant
  • Beloch
  • Melonade
  • OK
  • number5